SADC – Sami Advance Diploma Course

What’s Included   50 Classroom Assignments   Government Certification   Online Exam Job Oriented Modules Covered in Full stack development […]

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Updated April 6, 2024

What’s Included

  50 Classroom Assignments

  Government Certification

  Online Exam

Job Oriented Modules Covered in Full stack development course

Course Description

MS-CIT is an Information Technology (IT) literacy course started by MKCL in the year 2001. It is the most popular IT Literacy course in Maharashtra.In 21st Century, most of the new actionable knowledge is being digitally born (often through digital collaborations), digitally stored, digitally presented, digitally distributed, digitally accessed, digitally archived and managed. It only seems natural that it has become an essential part of one’s personal, professional and social life. It has also transformed the way of living in 21st Century. MS-CIT attempts to propagate it through IT Awareness, Literacy, Functionality and Applicability among the common people with a view to bridge the Digital Divide and the resultant Knowledge Divide and Development Opportunity Divide. This surely makes a positive impact on one’s job-readiness, social behavior and ultimately boosts the self-confidence, enabling him/her to work effectively in the 21st Century workplace.

  E-Learning based self-learning sessions

  Hands-on practice sessions.

  Learning facilitation by certified professionals.

  Academic interactions, assessments, and collaboration.

  Reading and understanding a highly illustrated book.


MSCIT IT Awareness
  •  Getting introduced to Parts of Laptop/Computer and know how each part works
  • Introduction to Computers and Basic Concepts
  • Understanding Operating Systems
  • Basics of Internet and Web Technologies
  • Microsoft Office Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Introduction to Database Management
  • Email and Communication Tools
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Social Media and Digital Collaboration Tools
  • Basic Concepts of Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to E-Governance Services
  • Digital Financial Tools and E-Wallets
  • Online Safety and Digital Etiquette
  • Introduction to Emerging Technologies
Advance Excel
  • Mathematical & Statistical Functions
  • Advanced Mathematical Functions
  • Statistical Functions
  • Working with Databases
  • Text Manipulation Functions
  • Attendance Register
  • Text Functions And & Functions
  • Logical Functions And Salary Sheet with Logics
  • Financial Functions
  • Data Validations And Invoice Creations
  • IS Functions And Error Handling
  • Conditional Formattings And Advanced Formatting
  • Date Functions And Dynamic Calendar
  • Advanced Pivot Chart & Tables
  • Excel Tips And Tricks
Tally Prime Expert
  • Purchase Order Processing: In Tally Prime, purchase orders and sales orders are essential documents used to initiate and manage transactions with suppliers and customers, respectively. Purchase orders (POs) indicate the types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. Tally Prime allows you to generate multiple purchase orders for different suppliers and track them separately. Sales orders request the delivery of specified products or services at agreed-upon prices and terms. Sales orders help in managing customer commitments and ensuring timely fulfillment of orders.
  • Additional Cost of Purchase: In Tally Prime, manage additional costs of purchase such as freight charges, insurance, customs duty, etc., using the ‘Purchase Voucher’ feature. These additional costs can be included as part of the total purchase amount, allocated proportionally among the items purchased or assigned to specific items as required.
  • Trade Discounts in Sales Invoice: Tally Prime calculates discounted purchase amounts based on applied trade discounts, promoting sales or establishing customer relationships. Predefined trade discount percentages or amounts for specific suppliers or items can be set up, streamlining the voucher entry process.
  • Interest Calculation: Tally Prime features built-in interest calculation on outstanding balances or overdue amounts. This automation ensures accurate financial reporting and compliance with interest calculation norms, useful for businesses extending credit to customers or with outstanding payables to suppliers.
  • Different Actual and Billed Quantity: Tally Prime allows recording of both actual and billed quantities separately when discrepancies occur due to physical stock counts, damaged goods, or partial deliveries. This ensures accurate records of inventory movements and discrepancies.
  • Predefined Multiple Price Lists: Tally Prime supports the creation of multiple price lists for different selling prices based on customer categories, volume discounts, or promotional offers. This simplifies the billing process and ensures consistency in pricing during sales transactions.
  • Point of Sale (POS): The Point of Sale feature in Tally Prime facilitates quick and efficient processing of retail sales transactions directly at the point of sale, supporting various payment methods such as cash, card, cheque, etc.
  • Multi-Currency, Batch-wise Details, and Zero-valued Entries: Tally Prime handles multi-currency transactions, batch-wise details, and zero-valued entries to accommodate various business needs, streamlining operations and financial reporting.
  • Invoice Round Off, Outstanding Bill Report, and Memo Voucher: Tally Prime offers features to manage invoice round-off, generate outstanding bill reports, and utilize memo vouchers for effective invoicing, bill tracking, and financial transaction recording.
  • Stock Journal and Manufacturing Journal: These features in Tally Prime are crucial for managing inventory and production processes, updating inventory quantities and stock locations without affecting financial ledgers, and impacting both inventory and financial accounts during production.
  • Job Work Order: The Job Work Order feature in Tally Prime manages outsourced manufacturing processes, ensuring timely completion of tasks and accurate tracking of materials and costs associated with job work.
  • Advanced GST Transactions: Handling scenarios such as mixed supply, Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM), import, and export in Tally Prime ensures compliance with GST regulations and accurate GST liability accounting.
  • TDS and TCS: Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and Tax Collected at Source (TCS) mechanisms in Tally Prime collect taxes at the source of income, ensuring tax compliance and efficient tax collection.
  • Payroll Introduction, Payroll in Tally, and Payroll Masters: Tally Prime’s payroll features are fully integrated with accounting, enabling error-free automation of the payroll process, compliance with regulatory requirements, and generation of accurate payroll reports.
  • Attendance Voucher and Payroll Voucher, Display Payroll Reports, Payment of Salary, Depositing PF, PT, ESIC, etc.: Managing payroll processes, generating payroll reports, and processing salary payments and statutory contributions are streamlined in Tally Prime for effective payroll management.
  • Reconciling Bank Transactions and Confirmation Letter: Tally Prime facilitates reconciliation of bank transactions and generation of confirmation letters for efficient bank reconciliation and communication with parties.
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