Tally Prime Expert Course in Navi Mumbai

Tally learning course in Navi Mumbai! If you are looking for a comprehensive and engaging Tally learning course in Navi […]

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Updated May 6, 2023


  • Understanding what ledgers are for: Ledgers in Tally
  • Understand the purpose of vouchers: It is a document that contains the details of a financial transaction

Tally learning course in Navi Mumbai!

If you are looking for a comprehensive and engaging Tally learning course in Navi Mumbai, you have come to the right place! Sami Infotech will understand that learning Tally can be challenging for some, but with our user-friendly approach and descriptive course content, you’ll be able to grasp the concepts in no time.

Tally is a popular accounting software used in businesses worldwide. The content of a Tally learning course in Navi Mumbai may vary depending on the level of expertise being targeted.

Some common topics covered include:

  1. Introduction to Tally: This includes understanding the basics of accounting, the Tally interface, and navigation.
  2. Creating a company in Tally: Setting up a company in Tally, including defining basic details such as company name, address, and financial year.
  3. Creating and managing ledgers: Learning how to create and manage ledgers, which are accounts for various transactions such as sales, purchases, expenses, and incomes.
  4. Creating and managing vouchers: Vouchers are documents that record accounting transactions. This section covers creating and managing vouchers such as sales vouchers, purchase vouchers, and payment vouchers.
  5. Inventory management: This section covers inventory management in Tally, including creating stock items, defining units of measure, and managing stock categories.
  6. Tally taxation: Understanding taxation concepts and how to use Tally to manage various taxes such as GST, VAT, and TDS.
  7. Tally reports: Tally has several built-in reports that provide insights into financial performance. This section covers generating and interpreting reports such as balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement.
  8. Tally customization: Tally is highly customizable, and this section covers how to customize Tally to meet the specific needs of a business, including adding fields, creating custom reports, and setting security permissions.
  9. Tally add-ons: Tally has several add-ons that extend its functionality, such as payroll management and point-of-sale integration. This section covers how to use these add-ons.

Overall, a Tally learning course in Navi Mumbai aims to equip learners with the knowledge and skills to effectively use Tally for accounting and financial management.

Our course is designed to provide comprehensive training in Tally, the popular accounting software used by businesses around the world. With our course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become proficient in Tally and be ready to work in any accounting-related field.

Our Tally learning course in Navi Mumbai is carefully curated to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the software. We understand that everyone has a different learning pace and style, therefore we have designed our course to cater to all types of learners.