• First Year : First Semester (Five Papers)

    1. Imperative Programming
    2. Digital Electronics
    3. Operating Systems
    4. Discrete Mathematics
    5. Communication Skills

  • First Year : Second Semester (Five Papers)

    1. Object oriented Programming
    2. Microprocessor Architecture
    3. Web Programming
    4. Numerical and Statistical Methods
    5. Green Computing
  • Second Year : Third Semester (Five Papers)

    1. Computational Mathematics.
    2. Systems Programming.
    3. Object Oriented Programming.
    4. Computer Networks.
    5. Logic, Discrete Mathematical Structures.

  • Second Year : Fourth Semester (Five Papers)

    1. Data base concepts and Systems.
    2. Operating Systems.
    3. C++ and Java.
    4. E-Commerce.
    5. SW Engineering.
  • Third Year : Fifth Semester (Three Compulsory and Two Electives Papers)

    1. Internet Security.
    2. Visual Basic 6.
    3. SQL 2.
    Elective I (Select one of following)
    Embedded Systems and Programming.
    Web Design and Internet based applications.
    Advanced Java.
    Elective II (Select one of following)
    ERP Systems.
    Management information Systems.

  • Third Year : Sixth Semester

    C# (pronounced as C Sharp)
    Internet Technologies.
    Elective III (Select one of following)
    Strategic IT Management.
    Total supply chain Management.
    Project Management.
    IT Laws and Patents.