BSC- Computer Science Course

B.Sc. Computer Science is the study of fundamentals of computers, where latest technologies and trends are the most important topics. The BSC Computer Science Course empower students to deal with the new technicalities and issues with knowledge of databases and analytical skills. The BSC Computer Science Course prepare students to work as Software Engineers in renowned IT companies that offer them a decent salary that increases with experience. It is concerned with understanding, designing, execution and solving issues related to computer systems and applications. B.Sc. Computer Science educate students with computing methods that have their roots in concepts of mathematics and logics. We are partners with many colleges for Distance Education. So enroll in our BSC Computer Science Course with duration of three years.

  • Paper I

    Section 1 - Fundamentals of Computer Organization & Embedded Systems
    Section 2 - Introduction to programming using Python

    Paper II

    Section 1 - Introduction to Database Management Systems `
    Section 2 - Advanced Programming using Python

  • Paper I

    Section 1 - Data structures with advanced C
    Section 2 - Event drive programming using Visual Basic

    Paper II

    Section 1 - Numerical Analysis with "C"
    Section 2 - Introduction to Java

    Paper III

    Section 1 - Introduction to File and Database Management Systems
    Section 2 - Principles of Rational Database Management System

  • Paper I

    Section 1 - System Software
    Section 2 - Data Communication and Networking Paper II

    Section 1 - Advanced Java 1
    Section 2 - Advanced Java 2
    Paper III

    Section 1 - Operating Systems
    Section 2 - The Linux OS

    Paper IV
    Section 1 - Structured System Analysis and Design
    Section 2 - Object Oriented Analysis and Design and Software Engineering Concepts

    Applied Components: Web Design and Applications
    Paper I - Principles of Web Design
    Paper II - Web Technologies